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Fishing - river - the - they - like - in

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Questionswho are the persons theconversation? when does the conversationhappen? where does it happen? l need some literaturepronoun '' refers to 45. why does darma go to thelibrary? ​
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Father: what is that sound? gaduh, what happenedgaduh: i'm sorry, dad. i broke the window,father : it's okay. are you alright? gaduh: i'm fine.father : that's a relief. how did you break the window? gaduh : i kicked the ball too hard and high.father : alright. now get a broom and dustbin.gaduh: ok, dad.father : and collect all the broken glass.gaduh: i understand, dad.14. who are talking in the dialogue? 15. what is the sound that the father hears? 16. why does gaduh apologise? 17. what does he say? 18. to whom does he apologise? 19. what does the other person say? 20. how will gaduh clean up the broken glass? ​ pliss batuin saya mengerjakan ini sekarang juga
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Membuat siklus banjir menggunakan bahasa inggris? mohon bantuannya!
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4. these are your dog. these dogs are
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