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1.judika will continue his study in singapore next year a. what expression is showed with the word"will"? b. does the word "will"refer to a plan? c. does the word "will"indicate past or future time? d. does the word "will"refer to a willingness in the future? ​

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Ican't be angry, because to me you are the most beautiful gift that hugs my day full of happiness. a piece of smile that you leave on the twilight procession, erase my frustration into laughter, and my longing is suddenly filled with abundant beauty.
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Buat sebuah motion lalu buat opinion kalian, apakah agree atau disagree and why? dikumpul skrng plss
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Cindy sees wisnu bringing several traditional toys.cindy: (1)wisnu : i am going to bring them to the parkcindy: (2)wisnu : yes, i am. my friends and i are going to play traditional toys and games with children in the park.cindy: (3)wisnu actually, the youth organization has a program to promote traditional toys and games to childrenaround uscindy : that's a good program. (4)then, they can play them athomewisnu : that's right, we do it to make the children play outside with their friends.(5)cindy : playing traditional games can also stimulate children's psycho-motor.wisnu : (0)these activities will also the children's bodiesgrow better.cindy : i think you should do such activities regularly.wisnu : yeah! (7)cindy : i suggest you promote it in the social mediaand invite many other children to join.attitudewisnu: (8)anyway, you may join us, too.introduce traditional values and culture to younggenerationcindy : sure. you.wisnu : don't mention it.​
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Buat wawancara dengan artis dalam bahasa inggris
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1.judika will continue his study in singapore next year a. what expression is showed with the word"w...


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