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Father will not drive me to school tomorrow. he should
at his office before 07.00 a. m.
3. the police gave indra a traffic ticket. indra should
when the traffic light turned red.
at home right now.
mira is not feeling well today. she should
him the truth.
he has the right to know what really happened. you should
0. the registration will be closed on 25 july. vina should
the registration form before that time.
school. she should
nita didn't make many friends when she was in junior high scho
more nice and friendly to them.
too much junk food.
glang gained too much weight last holiday. he should
to rest. she should
9. dira will join a running competition tomorrow. she needs to re
to bed early tonight.
10. arya said to me that he would have an english test today. he
the test right now.
ish test today. he should​

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1.when adele is breaking the window.adele : "i am sorry for breaking the window."mother : 2.when a student is coming late to the class.student : "i am sorry for coming late because i miss the bus."teacher : "3.when he failed math examination.: "i'm sorry mum, dad. i failed the test."parents : boy4.when a child destroyed your beautiful painting.a child : "lam terribly sorry for breaking your painting."you5.when linda is stepping on liza's foot.linda : "i am really sorry for stepping on your foot, liza."liza​
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Father will not drive me to school tomorrow. he should
at his office before 07.00 a. m.


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