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Apa arti dari certainly i can and i will​

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Bikinin dialog b. ing tentang opinions polite and impolite 2 orang​
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What is the definition of invitation? a. it is a text that dan be used to ask people to do something.b. it is a request whether spoken of writen to participate or be present or to take part in something or an event.c. it is an adverrtisement of a product so that customers will be attracted to buyd. it is an explanation of scientific phenomenon that happens recentlye. none of the above​
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answer these 2 riddles: 1) forward i am heavy, backward i am not. what am i? ? 2) if you look you cannot see me. and if you see me you cant see anything else. i can make anything you want happen, but later everything goes back to normal. what am i? ?
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Task 1: complete the sentence with the"past continuous tense" of the verb in parenthese. 1.at the festival yesterday, i saw lots of the ) along the street. 2. a bath) when i cake to your house last sunday 3.my mother watered the plants in the garden while my ) the car. 4.the student were doing experiment last week while the ) them. 5.) to the city bus when the city bus came to the terminal.. task 2: complete the sentences using "when" or "while" 1.mom was cooking in the was cleaning the house. 2.we were all watching electricity went out. 3.what were you bell rang? . 4.i was doing my phoned me. saw you, you were reading a new novel.
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