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Write a sentence or pharse "friendship" in this caption

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Kalimat perintah dalam bahasa inggris di rumah , dengan kata ! dengan kata mop (pelkan),iron (setrikakan),soft (pelankan), wake up (bagunkan)
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You wish for good luck on your friend, liza, she has been become the best member of scout in your school soalnya : buatlah dialog dari pertanyaan di atas plisss bantu kak
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15 poinbuatlah contoh teks interview tokoh-tokoh terkenal minimal 3 orang termasuk host yang ada simple past tense vs present perfect tensetolong dibantu ya teman-teman tolong secepatnya ya terima kasih salam brainly
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25. nia ryo : i think a charity concert is a goodidea to raise donation.a. it is my intention to hold a charityconcert to gather donation for theearthquake victims.b. i have a plan to make a charity event.c i have every intention to gatherdonation for earthquake victims.d. my intention is to hold a garage saleto gather donation for the earthquakevictims.26. felix the design i made won the firstplace in the designing contest.aldia. i am in favor with it.b. splendidi do agree with the design.how dissapointing! 27. dino : wawan : making a small pond in thegarden will be lovely, i agreewith youa. i have a plan to plant some beautifulflowers here.b. it is my intention to open a shop here.c. i have every intention to make a smallgardend. my intention is to make a small pondhere.28. i'll tell you the best route you will arriveon time.a. so thatb. in order toc. tod. that29. you put the rubbish into the bin.a canb. mustc. musn'td. don't have to30. we should avoid oily food be healthya finallyb. in order toc. consequentlyd. for​
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Write a sentence or pharse "friendship" in this caption...


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